Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fruitful Fasting

A pastor talks about taking 21-Day Fasting to his new church members and he's explaining about the dos and don'ts and also the benefits of fasting

Pastor: Ok, from Today onwards we are gonna fast for 21 days and you can't have any food during these 21 days.

Sheep: Pastor, you mean that we can't eat and drink for all these 21 days?

Pastor: No, you can't eat any solid food but you can rely on any liquid foods occasionally to fool your stomach like water lime juice etc, but remember that no solid food is to be taken.

After 21 Days...............................

Pastor: So Church, I think you had successful fasting experience. I want each one of you to share about your fasting days

Sheep: Pastor as you told it was difficult to fast for 21 days and as you said I need to fool my stomach with liquid foods

So this is the way I fooled my stomach and completed my successful fasting days

Breakfast : 2 Litres of Liquid Milk with no protein powder like Boost, Bournvita

Lunch: 1 litre of Grape Juice fully filtered to form a pure liquid

Dinner: 2 Litres of Orange Juice fully filtered

And I'm proud to say that God has inspired me to take fasting for another 40 Days

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